NBA 2k15


The game that everybody is talking about this year is the fantastic NBA2k15. In this new 2k addition there are many different features that they never had before. One of the coolest features on 2k is the new feature called Face Scan. Face Scan allows you to create a player that has the same facial features as you. The only thing that doesn’t show up is the hair on your head which you have to choose manually.  Sadly, Face Scan is not for Xbox 360 or Ps3 which is disappointing  to people who own Kinect. Xbox 360 and PS3 don’t give you all the features that you get on the new consoles so if you plan on getting 2k, get it on a new console such as Xbox One or PS4.

Face Scan isn’t the only great feature. There is now The Jordan Rec Center which allows you to play in an indoor court that has been built by Michael Jordan. You can play at the rec-center with many friends on either the Playstation Network or Xbox Live.

NBA Blacktop is still a feature in NBA2k15 but it looks different from the previous NBA2k14. NBA Blacktop lets you see other players on different courts while you are in the middle of your own game.  They have also updated the graphics which look totally different and better from the previous game. If I am lucky enough to get this game, I will be making a game-play video that shows what NBA 2k15 looks like and what the features are. This game is one game that I want and one that will be on my Christmas list.

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