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Have any of you imagined how it would be if you could make comic book theories about the future come true?

Recently, the U.S Military has been working on a hoverbike which looks amazing. You can see in the hoverbike picture on the right, that it shares the same similarities as a motorcycle because of the handle bars and the seating position. I don’t know how fast or high it can go but what I do know, is that it looks really, really cool.

In Call of Duty Advanced Warfare they also have high speed hoverbikes. The seat area is positioned the same, but the real life hoverbike looks bigger than the one in Advanced Warfare.

For all I know, this could be a prototype but if it isn’t, I think it should have these abilities. It should be able to be quieter than a motorcycle, able to be height adjustable, use a rechargeable battery instead of gas, and have a compartment where you can hold multiple weapons. If all of these things were on the bike, this bike would be a very helpful ride in the U.S Military.

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