Hi Jalen!

A Dad Proud  Of His Son
A Dad Proud Of His Son

Hi Jalen,

Your first task is  to create a new page that talks about who you are and what this site is going to be about. After that I want you to setup categories/topics. Examples of categories or topics: Shoes, Clothes, What you’ve learned, music, etc. Talk about a few things you would like to have, things you would like to see, people you would love to meet, and things you would like to learn. Find pictures or take pictures to use for your site. Interview your friends for your site.

This is your head start in life, most kids your age aren’t lucky enough to have something like this at their finger tips so take advantage of this opportunity and make this site your business. You are a very lucky kid. I stayed up late to build you a site, so make me proud. If you need help I am here. If you are wondering if this site could make you famous and wealthy, yes, it’s possible, but my advice is just to have fun doing and talking about the things you love.

If you are wondering if people will checkout what you have, I will be sending it to all of my Facebook friends tonight to let them see what I have planned for you. This is an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to acquire some really cool skills. So do your very best! You might look up and find out the world is watching and you have a chance to do something very special.

Good Luck!

With Love,


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