Geography Poem


Right now in geography I’m learning about different land forms. One of my assignments was to make a poem using some of my vocabulary words. I hope you enjoy it.

We all know there are things to see and places to go, maybe in the future we can swim in a volcano.

We can look for miles with nothing to see because of the prairie and the savannah with the distracting color of green.

We can see a few buttes along the way while we walk through the Grand Canyon singing the whole way.

As I sit and dip my cape in the sea, I watch the glaciers melt on TV.

Kids jump off a cliff to impress a friend while at the bottom, they  know, is a wetland.

An isthmus is a bridge of two lands but without it, they wouldn’t be best friends.

Tundra is a land with no trees; do people live there, and how do they breath?

Atolls of coral give new places to explore and if we didn’t have them life would need more in store.

Florida is a peninsula if you did not know, so if you want to you can swim in either the Atlantic or in the Gulf Of Mexico.

None of these words are new to me except a delta and a valley which make new geography.

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