Call of Duty Advanced Warfare


The new video game called Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will take your breath away with the outstanding game play. I have been previewing the upcoming release of Advanced Warfare and in my opinion, it is going to take the title Game of the Year, no doubt about it. The reason I believe this is because of the various features and techniques that make up the game. The multi-player function is better than ever. In multi-player you can use an exo-skeleton suit which allows you to jump higher, dash from side to side, and run faster than ever before. The guns that you have seen before in other Call of Duty video games have been upgraded with a new arsenal of amazing futuristic guns. Also, the new maps are huge and some are even in water, a brand new feature that I’m pumped to try out.

Call of Duty is also bringing back some previous grenades, but there are also new grenades as well. These new grenades are called Stun Grenades, Explosive Drones, Tracking Drones, Threat Grenades, Variable Grenades, and Spike Drones which are equipped  in your exo- launcher. The Stun Grenade, of course, stuns your enemy, but that’s not what any of the other tacticals do. Explosive Drones kill any enemy that runs in its proximity, but the drone can be dodged be dashing away from it. Tracking Drones track the closest enemy and show you where the person is. Threat Grenades let you see your enemies by throwing a grenade near them. This tactical will not blow up your enemies but it will let you see them through walls and other solid things. Variable Grenades can cycle through stun, EMP, smoke, and threat grenades. Lastly, the Spike Drone is one of the most dangerous tacticals in the game. This weapon can be used as a trap or something very sharp to throw at people.

The release of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has me going crazy right now! This is a must have, especially since my birthday coming up. If I do get this game, I plan on making a game play video for you all to see what the game is like. Oh, and if you plan on getting this game, don’t worry about waiting too long, it comes out tomorrow.

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