Bulls vs Knicks


Last night’s performance of the Chicago Bulls was amazing! They crushed the New York Knicks on the opening night of the NBA Season, defeating the Knicks 104-80. The Bulls sent many of the disappointed Knicks fans home early, but they didn’t leave the Bulls fans feeling that way. The Bulls main scoring leaders were Taj Gibson and Pau Gasol, both with over 20 points.

There are a few reasons why it made it easier for the Bulls to win against the Knicks. A lot of people may say it’s the coaching staff but it wasn’t. The Knicks right now are trying to find themselves as a team. Phil Jackson, the former coach of the Bulls and Lakers and now the President of the New York Knicks, is trying to teach the team the triangle offense. The Knicks threw sloppy passes which made it easier for the Bulls players to defend them, and most of the turnovers turned in to fast break points. At one point in the game, the Bulls lead by 30 which probably took a lot of confidence away from the Knicks.

The Bulls are definitely going to be a great team this year. Their former MVP, Derrrick Rose, is back from another knee injury and is better than ever.  Another reason why the Bulls are going to rise to the top is because of their defensive strategy, strength in rebounding, and multiple players who can score.  If they play as strong against other teams as they did against the Knicks, the Chicago Bulls are sure to find themselves in the 2015 NBA Playoffs.

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