Advanced Warfare pt 2

Call-of-Duty-Advanced-Warfare-Has-New-Xbox-One-and-360-Personalization-Packs-467649-8 Advanced Warfare is back on my list of things to talk about. This month they are coming out with four new dlc’s (downloadable content) that includes maps, personalization packs, and new game modes. If you decide on getting the downloadable content I suggest you get the season pass. The season pass costs $49.99 in the game store, but if you buy the season pass all the dlc content is free, except the personalization packs.  In the upper left corner you can see one of the many personalization packs that have been add to Advanced Warfare. There are two prices that you could be paying for a personalization. If you want your gun camo to be like one of the personalization packs it will only be $1.99, but if you want a personalized gun and exo-suit that will be $3.99. Exo-ZombiesAnother thing that other people and I are ecstatic about is the new version of zombies. I know that Sledgehammer games has not given an exact date on when this mode will be released but I do know that it will be released this month. I hope that I can get the season pass to play on these new maps and on zombies, be sure to check this out because I know I will.

This is the teaser trailer of Zombies, check it out.

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